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Touchpoint management is becoming a key issue for successful marketing and sales management. Digital media are omnipresent and readily available. Confidence in classical advertising is declining, while customers’ real-life experiences and their associated word-of-mouth recommendations are becoming more important. Companies nowadays need to know how to most effectively reach their clients.

A large number of good tools are available to analyze specific touchpoints. Yet it is still a challenge to compare the different online and offline touchpoints. To meet this challenge, we have developed the LET-Touchpoint Tracking.
It enables our customers to ...
  • assess the performance of touchpoints in a timely manner and in one “currency”,
  • prioritize touchpoints in terms of their impact on consumer behavior, preferences and brand perception,
  • optimize single touchpoints and cross-touchpoint campaigns,
  • perform more valid marketing ROI- and business case analysis.
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The LET Touchpoint Tracking links new market research approaches with innovative methods and technologies, thereby providing our clients with a three-way benefit:
  • All touchpoints in one "currency". The LET Touchpoint Tracking captures key online and offline touchpoints. In addition to frequently examined contact points such as advertising and sponsoring, it also tallies store visits, sales force and PR contacts. It moreover collects recommendations received and given (word-of-mouth). The result: all touchpoints are in one "currency".

  • Precise metrics. The LET Touchpoint Tracking is especially precise in capturing touchpoints, thanks to innovative data-collection formats, interactive surveys and timely metrics. Innovative metrics methodology is the basis of our approach.

  • Specific insights. The LET Touchpoint Tracking is fine-tuned to the specific requirements of our clients. Its scope of application ranges from optimizing the communication matrix in branding to evaluating the effectiveness of key touchpoints in the development of loyalty strategies. Specific customer interactions can also be tracked.
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