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Employer branding is more important than ever. The main obstacle for many companies striving for a successful employer brand is the lack of reliable insights from the perspective of potential applicants. However these insights are essential to develop fact-based strategies and to implement these via the different touchpoints. This is where LET Employer Branding comes in to provide our clients with a unique and stronger basis for making decisions.

Why are typical approaches unable to achieve this? Typical approaches retrospectively survey potential applicants, such as students, concerning their decisions and touchpoints with potential employers. Since many months have often passed in the meantime, the recall of the participants is often very imprecise. The result is unreliable data for planning employer branding strategies.

LET Employer Branding is a new market research approach that accompanies potential applicants over a prolonged period of time via their touchpoints with potential employers. This brings our clients closer to the decisions and experiences of high potentials than is possible with traditional survey approaches.
LET Employer Branding ...
  • measures the touchpoints with employers more precisely.
  • identifies and evaluates even less evident but still critical contacts (e.g. digital advertising, personal conversations).
  • dynamically depicts the decision process and the development of the employer brand over the course of time.
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Messung und Controlling der Touchpoints mit der Marke
These features generate unique advantages for our clients as they seek to establish successful employer branding:
  • Deep understanding of the decision behavior
    The strengths and weaknesses of the employer brand as compared with the competition become discernible over the entire decision-making path of the potential applicant. Our clients can therefore focus their activities and budgets precisely on the areas that have the greatest effect.

  • Clear prioritization of the critical touchpoints
    LET Employer Branding provides a common and comparable measure of the reach, impact and quality of the touchpoints with potential employers. This enables fact-based and effective planning for short-term goals (e.g. more applicants) and longer-term objectives (e.g. higher attractiveness as an employer).

  • Precise monitoring of efficiency
    For each touchpoint, our clients receive a precise measure of the efficiency of their activities in relation to the money spent. This enables a clear proof of effectiveness and transparent budget recommendations.
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