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The customer journey has changed. Even at late phases in the buying process, consumers now consider completely different brands over their initial preference. They increasingly seek out the information they need for themselves and in channels that companies cannot directly influence (forums, blogs, WOM). And the customer journey is by no means over once the purchase is completed: A positive experience during and after purchasing is crucial to customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

For marketing and sales, an in-depth understanding of the customer journey is a prerequisite for developing specific strategies and allocating budgets efficiently. We have developed the LET Customer Journey to generate the necessary insights.
It enables our customers to ...
  • identify potential for improvement in all phases of the customer journey,
  • assess touchpoints in one “currency”,
  • prioritize and explore options in digital media and through innovative sales and marketing approaches (e.g. word-of-mouth marketing),
  • seamlessly design cross-touchpoint strategies using interaction-based segmentation,
  • precisely align strategies and budgets to the customer journey.
Further information
The LET Customer Journey stands out with its decision-oriented insights and innovative methodology:
  • Interaction-oriented measuring. Our approach follows consumers through their decision-making process, as we collect their touchpoint contacts and experiences in an interaction-oriented way. This is made possible by rigorous recruitment of study participants and innovative forms of data collection.

  • All touchpoints in one "currency". The LET Customer Journey captures key online and offline touchpoints over the course of the decision-making process. It also includes, for instance, sales, PR contacts and word-of-mouth recommendations, in addition to frequently examined contact points such as advertising and sponsoring. And just as in our tracking tool LET Monitor, all touchpoints are in one currency.

  • Comprehensive insights. The LET Customer Journey combines quantitative and qualitative insights: substantiated facts as a basis for aligning strategies and budgets, detailed qualitative insights for in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and for a precise lay-out of measures. The result: an extensive understanding of the customer journey.
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