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Customer experience strategies are gaining in importance - they ensure that customers have an appealing and aligned brand experience across a large number of very different touchpoints. These specifications place high requirements on the market research methodology: they must map online and offline brand contacts accurately, measure brand development reliably and prove the effectiveness of marketing activities.

In order to fulfill these requirements, we have developed LiveExperienceTracking (LET). This new market research approach captures brand development, touchpoints and impact detection in a more customer-focused and thereby more accurate way than conventional methods. Instead of relying on a retrospective perspective, customers are accompanied continuously throughout their customer journey. Lengthy surveys have been replaced by interactive dialogues with participants. Thanks to LET you get a sound factual basis for many pressing marketing and sales topics.

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Messung und Controlling der Touchpoints mit der Marke
This is made possible by an innovative market research methodology that offers clear advantages over conventional approaches:
  • Dynamic perspective on marketing goals. Instead of one-shot measurement, LET accompanies participants through the entire interaction process. In addition to the current level of KPI’s, this also captures the changes in behavior, preferences and brand perception at an individual level. The potential bias from changing sample structure has become a thing of the past and underlying reasons for changes measured can be easily identified.

  • Exact touchpoint history. LET is closer to your customers. It captures the brand contacts of your customer very quickly after they happen; only a few days pass between contact and measurement, instead of several weeks as with retrospective approaches. And LET doesn't just capture the most prominent touchpoints (like TV advertising), but also contacts such as digital advertising and word-of-mouth.

  • Clear proof of effectiveness. LET builds a unique single-source database consisting of brand development and precise touchpoint history. Regardless of whether we analyze touchpoint effects for you descriptively or through modeling, the "chicken or the egg" problem, frequently encountered when assessing touchpoint impact, is a thing of the past. Your benefit: a clear proof of effectiveness and better touchpoint prioritization.
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